HVMS User Newsletter – 2017 July

FEATURED TOPICS: HVMS Updates, Expired Tablets, Reports: Parameters, Favorites and Toggle Trees

HVMS Software Update Coming Soon

Our development team has been working very hard over the last few months preparing the next version of HVMS for everyone. Here are some of the items you can look forward to seeing in our next update:

  • Tablet Replication – Added tablet replication reinitialize option so users have the option to resubscribe expired tablets themselves.
  • Invoicing – Creating an invoice from an appointment now defaults doctor and location from the appointment properties.
  • Patient Letter Writer – Added patient letters as entries to patient history tab.
  • Support – HVMS Embedded support portal link and TeamViewer download link listed at the top of your HVMS workbench.

If you want access to new HVMS features before they are released publicly to other HVMS users, please submit a support ticket to volunteer as a beta test site for this or future versions of HVMS.
For more information on our version release process and what is required of a beta site, please see the following article:
Caption: HVMS Version Release Process 
Link: https://hvms.businessinfusions.com/solution/articles/13000033906-hvms-version-release-process-revised-jan-2017

HVMS Reports- Favorite and Parameters

Report favorites can be used to help save settings on a report that you are running on a regular basis.  This allows the user to pull up their favorite settings on a report without having to select all the same report parameters each time. Click the below link to access a quick How-to video to learn how to use report favorites and parameters to make running reports quicker and more effective.

Click here to watch a quick how to video

Support Tip

Did you know that you can search for useful documents and videos in our new Support Portal?
Click on the below link to see a quick, helpful how-to video

Click here to see the video on how to use the HVMS Knowledge Base in the Support Portal

HVMS Reports – Toggle Tree and Find Features

Have trouble finding what you need in reports, use the Toggle Tree and Find features to help you easily navigate to the information you need on a report.   Both of these features help you navigate reports more quickly and easily to locate the information you are looking for.  Not sure how to use these features, click below to watch a quick how to videoWatch this quick how-to video to learn how to use the Toggle Group Tree and Find Features in report previews for easier searching.

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