HVMS User News – 2017 August

FEATURED TOPICS: Why should your practice switch to Open Edge, Deposit Run Support Tips, HVMS Questions Forums and Announcing our New Website Launch.

Why Should I Switch to Open Edge

Why Should I switch to Open Edge

HVMS has integrated with Open Edge allowing our clients to have access to a fully integrated payment solution that not only is more safe and secure than any current option, but is GUARANTEED to not cost the clinic anymore and possibly save them money. In addition to this, a fully integrated system gives you the ability to have one point of access, no more processing cards through the merchant portal and then manually inserting into the ledger. Want to know more, check out the FAQ sheets and additional information we have posted on the HVMS Support Portal. Still have questions, reach out to us via Live Chat and or a Ticket and we can set up a time to answer any and all questions you might have.

Click here to see our Open Edge FAQ Sheet 

Click here to see the Open Edge and PCI Compliance FAQ 

Click here for more information about PCI Compliance and Small Businesses

Support Tip

A Deposit Run is an HVMS feature used for reconciling purposes; it takes all previous non-deposited payments and groups them together into one Deposit Run sorted by payment type. Deposit Runs can be completed from two locations, the Deposit Run Report itself and the Payment Register Section within the New Payment window.
The Deposit Run report is comparable to a Day End or Day Close report. The report groups a collection of posted payments for a specific period together to compare to the physical payments made (checks, credit card slips, cash deposits, debit card transactions). This is very useful when a practice is in the habit of comparing Deposits made to the Bank to the payments that are recorded within HVMS. This report provides an audit point to ensure all payments desired are included in the Deposit Run.

Check here to see a quick How To Video on how to use the Deposit Run and Deposit Run Video

HVMS Questions Forum

This month we’d like to highlight one of our HVMS forums in our support portal: HVMS General Questions.
This forum was created as a public place for HVMS users to post questions to our HVMS support staff relating to HVMS use or features. These posted forum topics are also searchable within our HVMS knowledge base when you search a word or term for easy accessibility. If you have a general HVMS question that other HVMS users could also potentially have, please give this forum a try and help spread the knowledge!

Click here to access the HVMS General Questions Forum

New Website Launch for Business Infusions

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website!
Please replace any existing bookmarks or saved links with www.businessinfusions.com so you have access to up to date information on our products, services and support.

Portal Annoucements

We are growing our solution articles, take a peak in our HVMS Support Portal Announcements Forum to see what we have recently published
Click here to access the HVMS Support Portal Announcements Page

HVMS Support Requires Teamviewer access to help troubleshoot certain issues check out this article

How to change the default location in your transfer program

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