HVMS User News – 2017 September

FEATURED TOPICS:  Tablet Self-Reinitialization Feature, Unassigning Ledger Payments and Credits, New Workbench Support Links and Fall HVMS Roadmap

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Unassigning Ledger Payments & Credits

Payment assignments can be tricky, especially if you are reversing or correcting invoices with payments already assigned. Check out this how-to video for guided instructions on unassigning payments and click here to read our full article on the topic

Tablet Self Reinitialization Feature and Unreplicated Data Report

HVMS has a new feature we’re proud to release in Version 2.10.76 allowing HVMS users or practice system administrators the option to re-initialize an expired tablet subscription and view an ‘un-replicated data’ report. Read the full article here.

Announcements and Reminders

HVMS Knowledgebase
Check out the links below for HVMS How-To Videos and Articles recently published:

HVMS Feature Request Forum
Be sure to check out existing posts and vote on the items you want to see in your HVMS software. Items with the most votes will be considered for development in HVMS. Don’t see the feature requests you want? Make sure to post your own feature request here: HVMS Feature Request Forum.

HVMS Workbench Support Links

HVMS has just released an optional feature that contains Support links embedded into your HVMS workbench for easy access to our Support team. Watch How-To Video Here

Fall HVMS Roadmap

We’ve been hard at work since the release of HVMS software update 2.10.76, if you haven’t updated yet and want information on the changes in this update, click here.

Here’s a brief update on our current HVMS projects:

Online Payment Portal
We’re working on an online payment solution with OpenEdge where your customers can access a secure payment portal from your website to pay their invoices online. This service will only be available to practices using OpenEdge to abide by PCI compliance regulations. For more information on PCI compliance for HVMS, click here.

Mobile App
We are wrapping up internal testing on this project and will be getting ready in the coming weeks to release it to some live beta sites for testing. We anticipate it’s official release to all HVMS clients before AAEP this year.

HVMS Business Intelligence
We’re very excited for the upcoming release of our HVMS Business Intelligence project; driving business strategies with data science. This is an advanced data reporting tool you can subscribe to that will display your HVMS data into detailed dashboard views, easily allowing you to perform intelligent data analysis and make educated business decisions. You will hear on this project very soon!

HVMS Certification
We’re getting ready to move our existing HVMS Certification to our new website on an updated platform. More to come on this project in the coming months but the result will be a much more user-friendly experience for certification sign-ups and users.

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