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The Price of HVMS


Hopefully you are asking about HVMS fees because you are looking to switch from your current software.  We require a modest fee for implementation, data conversion as well as your first months subscription fee.

Are We Cheap?

No. Does the BENEFIT of HVMS outweigh the cost?  Exponentially! If you are looking for cheap – best to go somewhere else.  We talk about increasing revenues and profitability and we have proven that time after time.  To get there takes an investment of time and money on your part.  From a total cost of ownership HVMS is less expensive than other systems, but we are not cheap.

What Is In the Implementation Fee?

This fee includes data conversion from your existing software, all training and on-line certification and the ‘behind the scenes’ work to set up your practice. Garbage-in Garbage-out.  This is perhaps the most important part of getting you started on HVMS.

What Is In the Monthly Fee?

All support, all upgrades, all updates.  No hidden fees!  Our fee is based on the number of revenue generating veterinarians in your practice (interns are no charge), not the number of staff or computers.  That model is old and does not reflect the dynamic veterinary practice.  If you do not like HVMS, you are free to leave.  If we do not prove our value monthly, you are free to leave.  We do not hold you hostage with updates and upgrades of the software or service requests.  Would you do this to your clients?

Contact ( for pricing, call 800.517.7560, or visit the Profitability Calculator

If you look at the price of software before the features and benefits, you will never get what you need.  Could you diagnose an animal without looking at it?  The same goes for software.  Make sure you match your practice requirements to the software benefits before you make your decision.  Changing software is painful and disruptive to your practice, do it right the first time. 

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