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The most successful veterinary practices understand that flexible, comprehensive management and financial systems can streamline operations, improve client service, and drive profitability.

Business Infusions was founded with the simple goal of having access to more business data. Historically, practice management was focused on medical records, but from a veteirnary practice management perspective, this is not nough. A practice must have detailed information to analyze practice performance and then have the ability to use that information to plan for their specific needs. The guiding principles of HVMS have enabled the platform to be recognized as a leader is business management around the globe in only a few short years. The 'secret sauce' of combining experienced veterinarians and technology company builders has proven successful for our veterinary customers.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Greg Andrews, DVM, Chairman
  • Dr. Andrew Clark, DVM, MBA
  • Dr. Mike Scott, DVM, MVSc, Dipl. ACVS
  • Jim Hay, retired VP and CIO, MWI Veterinary Supply
  • Scott Pickard, President & CEO, Business Infusions Inc.
  • Dr. Brent Hague, DVM, DACVS, DABVP

Executive Team

Dr. Greg Andrews (DVM), Chairman

After graduating from the WCVM in 1974, and continuing his education through an internship in Large Animal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Andrews began his career working in a mixed animal practice in High River, Alberta. In 1979 he joined Moore & Company where he became a partner in 1981. Dr. Andrews practiced at both the thoroughbred and standard bred racetrack for over 12 years before focusing his attention on performance horses related to other sports, particularly hunter/jumper and dressage. He did surgery at Moore Equine for many years before handing that task over to board certified surgeons.

A former President of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, and past member of the Advisory Board for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and for the new University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine program. He was also President of the Western Canadian Equine Practitioners Association and Head of Animal Welfare for Horse Racing Alberta. Dr. Andrews’ business experience includes service on the Board of Directors of three public companies. He has focused on management of veterinary practice for the last ten years and his clinical practice is now very limited.

For the past five years, Dr. Andrews has provided leadership in the development of HVMS, drawing from his business experience and the valuable first hand knowledge gained in managing a large veterinary hospital and mixed practice.

Scott Pickard, President & Chief Executive Officer


Following completion of Emergency Medical Technician training in 1991, Scott started his career in emergency medical services. During the next 10 years, he developed and facilitated safety and emergency services programs in the private sector and at numerous post-secondary institutions.

Electing to change careers, Scott completed a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Information Systems in 2000. Following completion, he joined an early stage software company (Celeratis) as Business Development and Operations Manager, and took a lead role in commercializing the product through the development life cycle to commercialization and successful market entry on a national scale. Scott was also a part of the leadership team that won the Draper Fischer Jurveston "Next Billion Dollar" competition for $1M USD with an internet start-up (Innersell). In addition to his leadership role in the software and services sector, Scott has worked in a managerial and business development capacity with global pharmaceutical companies.

In the fall of 2006, Scott took on the dual role of Chief Operating Officer for both the largest equine referral/surgical practice in Canada, Moore Equine Veterinary Services Ltd., and Business Infusions Inc. Scott was instrumental in the initial market entry strategy and execution of Business Infusions and as of July 2008, was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Business Infusions Inc.

Scott also sits on the Board of Directors of a developmental lending bank, a privatetly-held real estate property management company and works with other technology companies in an advisory capacity.

Jason Kenyon, Chief Technology Officer

Jason began his career developing custom technology solutions for Weatherford, a global oilfield service company. Building on this experience, in 2001 he accepted the challenge of developing wireless messaging software for a software startup. From there, Jason continued his professional growth, developing an enterprise solution for a large transportation and logistics company. Over the past nine years, he has worked closely with experienced veterinarians and managers to develop, test and implement HVMS, a comprehensive technology solution for large animal care hospitals and clinics.

With more than a fifteen years experience in senior software development roles, Jason possesses the rare ability to understand business needs and design technology solutions that enable improved business practices.

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