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Free no-obligation HVMS software demos are always available!  HVMS cannot be mailed on a CD because of the HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE nature of the program – what one practice needs is always different from another.  HVMS can accommodate many configurations and set ups, from companion animal to equine, from North America to the Middle East.  Our team would be pleased to spend some time with you to understand how HVMS may fit for your practice requirements. 

Demos can be completed online in front of any computer, and around your time schedule. Find out for yourself about HVMS and how it can help your practice.  We will also visit your practice for a more indepth session, as required.  We prefer to start with an overview on line and utilize technology as a starting point.  We look forward to spending time with you!


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Business Infusions, Inc.
Suite 317
612 - 500 Country Hills Boulevard NE
Calgary, AB  Canada  T3K 5K3
Telephone: 1-800-517-7560

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