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Implementing HVMS at your veterinary practice will improve your bottom line and provide a positive Return on Investment. But don't just take our word for it - see below for case studies that show how several current HVMS clients have proven for themselves that the Hospital and Veterinarian Management System has directly improved their practices and business operations.

Be sure to contact us if your practice is a current HVMS user and you're interested in participating in a case study with Business Infusions.

Case Study: Tennessee Equine Hospital
Increasing Practice Revenues with HVMS Software

Tennessee Equine Hospital is a busy, thriving practice located south of Nashville, providing 24 hour care and full surgical and diagnostic services with a staff of eight veterinarians. After implementing HVMS, the practice experienced increased revenues and profits through capturing lost billings, better A/R management and advanced client reminder systems.

Stated Dr. McInturff from TN Equine, "HVMS has increased our revenue through real time invoicing. We have stopped giving away our work and products, while continuing to charge clients fairly and in a timely manner. Thanks to HVMS we've seen average transactions increase during this recession."

Click here to view the full Tennessee Equine case study

Case Study: McKee-Pownall Equine Services
Effectively Managing Multiple Locations and Improving Commission Structures with Practice Management Software

McKee - Pownall Equine Services is a leading practice in the Toronto, Ontario region with four separate locations, and over 10 veterinarians and 20 staff members. MP Equine wanted a software solution that could help it effectively manage multiple physical locations, while also providing a better solution for compensating doctors that also promoted overall practice profitability. This case study highlights how implementing HVMS achieved these goals.

Stated Dr. Pownall from McKee-Pownall, "HVMS allows me to manage all of our practices at the same time while monitoring the performance of each of them individually. It is a huge time saver and makes our clinics more efficient while optimizing client and patient care."

Click here to view the full McKee-Pownall case study

Case Study: Palm Beach Equine
Improved Inventory Management and Control Using HVMS

In June of 2008, Business Infusions installed its HVMS solution at the Palm Beach Equine facilities. HVMS quickly proved to be a worthwhile investment for the practice, improving efficiencies and practice management in many areas, including profitability accounting and reporting, automated invoicing and electronic medical records management. HVMS also fully supports practices with multiple locations and/or business centers, a perfect fit to a geographically widespread and diverse practice such as Palm Beach Equine.

Stated Dr. Swerdlin from Palm Beach Equine, "Using HVMS in our practice brought on a number of significant improvements and efficiencies, including directly saving us money on inventory. We appreciate the assistance from Business Infusions on getting the software implemented, and their continued support as we learn more about how HVMS can improve our practice management."

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