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The Industry Leading Practice Management Solution for Equine Veterinarians!

HVMS Equine is already the leading practice management solution in the equine space. Now, the power of HVMS can be even further utilized with the EBP Model edition. Equine Best Practices (EBP) offers a new way for equine practices to benchmark against other practices, by setting up a comprehensive list of codes and parameters that allow them to generate a multitude of reports and benchmarking data and compare it to identical data from other practices. In order take advantage of the EBP model, practices must be a customer of HVMS as our software provides the shared accounts, codes and data. Microsoft's powerful Dynamics software is also part of the EBP option, providing a robust and powerful solution for the most sophisticated equine practices. For more information, please visit the Equine Best Practices website.

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HVMS Practice Management Platform is the industry leading software to manage practices from end to end.

Medical records management is only one piece of the puzzle. HVMS was created in a large equine veterinary practice with a focus on integrated medical records, inventory control and billing capture.

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Your Practice. Your Success. Our Goal.

MWI is one of the largest Veterinary Distributors in the US, selling to licensed veterinarians. Our mission is to be the best resource to the veterinary profession by delivering superior value, efficiency and innovation.

Serving companion Animal, Equine and Livestock Veterinarians since 1976.
Equine Best Practices (EBP) management and accounting resources company was created for one purpose: to improve operational efficiencies and financial performance for the equine practitioner.

EBP provides the accounting tools and management input to make this a reality. EBP's three core services are:
  • Benchmarking Reporting
  • Financial Services
  • Business Management Support Services

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