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HVMS: Lab and PACS Integrations


HVMS seemlessly integrates with veterinarian lab equipment and PACS systmes from many market leading companies. If you do not see the system below that you are looking to integrate with, send us an email and we can look into it.

Lab equipment must be configured in the HVMS database, which is completed by our staff during the Integration process. HVMS does require each lab sample or result to be labeled with the same patient number assigned within the HVMS database.


  • Abaxis HMT (Serial Connection)
  • Abaxis HM5 (Serial Connection)
  • Abaxis VS2 (Serial Connection)
  • VetScan HM2 (Serial Connection)


  • Autoamtic Retrieval of Asteris PACS Images
  • Studies Available On Patient Record


  • Heska i-STAT1
  • HemaTrue
  • Heska CBC
  • DriChem4000
  • SpotChem
  • i-STAT
  • Heska XML


NEW! HVMS software is now fully integrated with IDEXX InterLink Technology! Click here for more information.
  • VetLab Station (Network Connection)
  • VetLab Station (Serial Connection)
  • Catalyst Dx Chemistry
  • Coag DX
  • LaserCyte Hematology
  • SNAP Rapid Assay
  • SNAP Reader
  • SNAPshot Dx
  • VetAutoread Hematology
  • VetLab UA
  • VetLab Electrolyte
  • VetLab Chemistry
  • VetStat Electrolyte
  • VetStat UA

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