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Merger Announcement - Business Infusions and Equine Practice Management Group!

Download the Full Press Release PDF Here

I am excited to inform you of the corporate merger of Business Infusions Inc. of Calgary, Alberta, and Equine Practice Management Group of Weatherford, Texas. The combined entity will now be known as ‘Inova’.

Inova will provide a broad range of services to you as an existing client. As a software supplier, Inova will continue to deliver best in class software, enhance our product development and expand our support services. As a supplier of management services, Inova will be providing back office management tools making it easier and more cost efficient for veterinarians to practice. More information on the management services will follow.

The communication structure currently in place will not change and the contacts you have will remain the same. We feel strongly that the personalized service that you have been used to must continue as we are very aware of the importance of these personal relationships. We will also be able to offer a wider level of consulting and management services through our practice management division. That being said, there will be no expectation or requirement for our present software customers to change how they interact with the new company other than the name and some banking details. There is no requirement to participate in the management services now provided by Inova.

Inova will be led by Dr. Greg Andrews as Chairman, Kirk Eddleman as Chief Executive Officer and Scott Pickard as President of Software and Corporate Development. The combined team will be working together to make your experience with Inova one of increased service and leading edge management and software products. We will be sending you information as to any new services that have been developed and made available to you and, as is presently the case, would gladly accept discussions on how we can serve you better.

As a start, we are offering a seminar this September the details of which can be found at The meeting will focus on not only the theory of practice management but how to actually instill these principles into your practice and software through onsite demonstrations from our technical staff. This will be an example of our goal to make you, our customer, succeed both financially and by being afforded a better quality of life.

All of us are truly excited about the prospects afforded us by this merger. Inova will be a company owned largely by veterinarians, designed to help veterinarians prosper. Only then will Inova meet our goals and thrive.

Thanks you for your business and your time, if there are any questions on any matter please contact Kirk, Scott or myself.

Greg Andrews DVM ICD.D
Chairman, Inova Partners Group

Greg Andrews DVM ICD.D
Kirk Eddleman, MHA
Scott Pickard

HVMS Customization VERSUS Configuration – the FACTS!

In recent weeks, we have heard our competitors making claims that HVMS is a customized program that requires “up to six months” to install because of all the customization that is required. This is pure NONSENSE!

HVMS was designed to be highly configurable, and it is. Software architecture methodologies employed by HVMS allow front end changes to be made at the ‘click of a button’ and do not require back end customization as is being claimed. It is unfortunate when statements are made without proper information by uninformed sales people.

One of the reasons HVMS is able to be implemented in countries around the world, all with vastly different practice environments and financial reporting requirements, is because of our CONFIGURABILITY. Unlike most all PIMS, HVMS does not come on a CD to be installed ‘as-is’. HVMS is not an out-of-the-box software program. HVMS is an enterprise software platform and portal.

There is a significant difference between customization and configuration. Customization cannot happen with out-of-the-box software, neither can configuration to the degree HVMS is configurable. Business Infusions would challenge anyone on the planet in veterinary software to prove our software configurability against HVMS.

Contact us ( for more information

HVMS Integration to Quickbooks/Simply Accounting

HVMS has a flexible system that allows exporting of Revenue, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable (purchasing) data in a configurable delimited format. If your accounting package has the ability to import transactions from delimited files, you will be able export/import all your transactions automatically to your accounting package, saving time on entry and reduce data input mistakes. Common accounting packages such as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, MS Dynamics, etc. will all have this capability

HVMS allows you to align account numbers between the two software packages and break down totals by separating or combining your financial data by:
  • Practice
  • Business Center
  • Location
  • Doctor
  • Class
  • Category
This allows an extreme amount of detail to be moved between HVMS and Quickbooks/Simply Accounting/other packages and the ability for valuable financial analysis to occur.

NEW! HVMS was the FIRST PIMS to Integrate a Complete Inventory System Directly to Distribution

HVMS and MWI Veterinary Supply have teamed up to rollout the first ever end to end veterinary inventory system that ties together practice management and inventory ordering. Contact Us for full details.

Global Vet LINK Integration Rolled Out

GlobalVetLINK, the leader in electronic animal health documentation and HVMS, the leading software platform for veterinarians from Business Infusions, announced a new feature available in the HVMS Practice Management Software. This new software integration will streamline the electronic certificate creation process, allowing veterinarians to create GlobalVetLINK electronic certificates within HVMS.

The integration with HVMS and GlobalVetLINK revolutionizes the electronic certificate process as it utilizes a system that veterinarians are currently engaged in on a daily basis, adding the extra functionality of state-approved, electronically signed EIA (Coggins) certificates. There will be no additional software for veterinarians and their staff to learn, making the implementation of the system at the clinic seamless. Click Here for more information.

Equine Best Practices and HVMS Continue to Innovate

HVMS and Equine Best Practices continue to drive efforts to bring value added software and business analysis tools to the equine marketplace. When combined, the two service offering provide the equine practitioner the most comprehensive software and business tools to manage their practices in the marketplace. Click here for more information on the offering. Click Here for more information.

HVMS Continues Global Expansion

HVMS has widely become known as the Gold Standard in practice management software and the global expansion continues. During the fall of 2011, HVMS has entered the UK with a high profile practice. HVMS functionality continues to lead practice management software and more countries are in progress. Contact Us for more information.

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