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GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) and HVMS


Global Vet Link GVL and HVMS are integrated to provide state-approved, electronically signed EIA (Coggins) certificates. These EIA certificates are equivalent to the paper-based VS 10-11 forms and are approved for international travel. There are several benefits to using this integration including:
  • No additional software to install or use, EIA certificates are requested directly out of HVMS and into the GVL system.
  • Improved efficiency and workflow.
  • Elimination of misspelled patient, owner and boarding location information.
  • No carbon copies required.
  • Secure System

You need a few things in order to complete this integration with HVMS:
  • Internet Access on all computers that will be used to create requests.
  • A GVL® username and password.
  • A signature on file with GlobalVetLINK
  • HVMS installation must be setup to support GVL
  • Proper version of HVMS
  • If you are an existing GVL customer, we need to line up existing patient and client information where possible.

About GlobalVetLINK

GlobalVetLINK is the nation's leader in electronic animal health documentation. Since 2001, they have offered digital EIA certificates, health certificates and equine passports to clients across the country.

Electronic certificates increase efficiency and cut-down on veterinary paperwork, in addition to providing a more professional-looking document for the animal owners.

GlobalVetLINK offers uninterrupted database availability and real-time access to EIA test results. The certificates are automatically sent to the appropriate state animal health officials, eliminating the need for veterinarians to send paper copies. Veterinarians can also grant access for animal owners to retrieve certificates through, drastically increasing the speed of certificate distribution. EIA and health certificates generated through GlobalVetLINK are accepted to move animals into all 50 states and 3 U.S. territories.

Contact GlobalVetLINK for more details.

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