Increase efficiency and make your veterinary practice more profitable.

Business Infusions delivers a full suite of Veterinary Practice Management software and solutions for your practice.

Our suite of veterinary management software products include:

HVMS software is an advanced practice management platform that is adaptable for every aspect of equine veterinary practice management DESIGNED TO INCREASE EFFICIENCIES AND PROFITABILITY

Designed for mid to large equine practices

Cassadol Equine is a simple software for Solo Equine Veterinarians featuring fast and easy medical records and billing, quick onboarding, and affordable price

Designed for solo equine practitioners

Trusted by the most experienced veterinary hospitals around the world!

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Ever wanted more time in your day, or to spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you love?

The Better Equine Vet Practice podcast is all about interviewing experts and practices who are doing something different and unique to achieve more efficiency and a better quality of life.  This limited series podcast is airing September to November 2020.