Business Infusions delivers best-in-class equine health software technology solutions to equine veterinarians, trainers and racing authorities globally.

Best in Class Equine Health Software with a Global Reach
Easy to use medical records and invoicing - set up in 20 minutes! Find out why so many solo vets are using Cassadol for their unique requirements
Let us take care of your registration and onboarding of horses into your event
Complexity is our expertise. Every equine practice is different and we can enhance medical records and workflows
On the road, in and out of cell coverage, we can provide seamless communications
From one horse to 1,000 horses, we can manage your records and race entry information
We work with many corporate owned practices that need enhanced reporting and management flexibility
Enhance access to medical records entry and reduce double entry to HISA
Horse and athlete onboarding, event specific documentation verification and anti-doping tracking are our specialties
Multiple Locations, multiple business units, multiple owners and multiple reporting requirements are what we do
Simplify records tracking and reduce paperwork for one horse or 100+
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