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A Limited Series Podcast HOSTED BY MELANIE BARHAM, DVM Presented by Business Infusions and HVMS Veterinary Practice Management Software COMING SOON!
Our kick-off podcast, airing dates and channels where you can listen will be announced this month. Please stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
A word from our host, Dr Melanie Barham, DVM

Wow, it has been quite a summer!


Equine practices across North America are reporting very busy summer months, many catching up from backlogs created by slow downs during early COVID-19 lockdowns. Although we all generally look at “busyness” as a sign of a productive business, and the length of our days equates to the amount of money and good we’ve done in the world, is this true? Why did you get into practice in the first place? If you’re skimming, coming back to me and spend a second thinking about this. Say it out loud, write it on your clipboard, or on your phone in “Notes.”


Was it to:

  • Take care of the animals you love
  • Have more control over your schedule, to spend time with your kids or family
  • Build a life you love
  • Make a difference in your equine community
  • Some other reason all together?

Chances are, you didn’t get into equine practice to become eaten alive by long days, billing processes, re-ordering, and stocking your truck. How do you get back to the real reason why you started an equine practice and cut through the “other” things with ease? HVMS has dedicated its business to increasing efficiency in practice. Their suite of software has helped many practice owners achieve more efficiency so they can spend more time with their families, their own horses, and their own lives.


That’s why HVMS is producing a new limited podcast series all about optimizing efficiency and minimizing the tasks we all dislike!


Our first episode is one I’m personally very excited about: it will feature an amazing panel of female equine veterinarians who are going to be discussing how to get the most out of life as an equine practice owner whether in a large hospital, solo practice. (And I promise, none of the, “However do you balance it all as a woman and a practice owner?” type questions.) They’ll be sharing their best advice and some of the things they’ve learned along the way. All of the panelists have made their way in equine practice in very unique ways and I can’t wait to hear their stories. You’ll want to listen if you’re an associate/future practice owner, or full-fledged practice owner, as we’ll be featuring an inspiring line up of people who will get your creative juices flowing on how to make your life easier, and get back to doing the things you love most more often.


Stay tuned!

Dr Melanie Barham


Business Infusions is producing the Better Equine Vet Practice limited series podcast because we want to engage in conversations with equine veterinarians; to better understand their problems, and to connect an inspiring group of practitioners who can share their learnings and successes in practice innovation.


If your equine veterinary practice needs help with increasing efficiency and productivity, please contact us for a free demo and free consultation of HVMS software.


“HVMS practice management software emerged from a practice that had been operating for over 50 years. The practice owner identified a fundamental need to compensate their veterinarians more appropriately for professional services, and capture missed and lost billings. One of the mantras of our Chairman and Founder is that the further the vet walks away in time and space from the patient and the owner, the more they are going to give up in time and billable hours that are really valuable to them. With this type of approach, we’ve built a product that creates efficiency and productivity in the practice and still allows the flexibility to practice in different ways.”


Scott Pickard, CEO of Business Infusions, owners of HVMS software.

About the Podcast

This Podcast is designed for any member of your Team and anyone who wants to improve their practice efficiency and have more time for the things they care about. All members of your veterinary team are personally invited! We will continue to notify you as a valued member of our HVMS family whenever a podcast comes out so you can be first to know. Share with your team, discuss at a staff meeting, or just listen wherever you are!


Interested in being a guest in an upcoming episode? Please contact us

About the Host

Dr. Melanie Barham is a veterinarian, FEI veterinary delegate, entrepreneur, digital marketer and university instructor. With a background in eventing and performance horse practice in the US and Canada, Dr Barham currently dedicates her career efforts to the Ontario Animal Health Network, Global Veterinary Career Summit and strategic business consulting.


Interested in being a guest in an upcoming episode? Please contact us

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