Business Infusions delivers a best-in-class veterinary practice management software technology solution to business-savvy veterinarians, practice managers and hospital administrators.

Business Infusions has been serving the veterinary market since 2006.  The veterinary group behind the software, led by Dr. Greg Andrews, designed and built the software directly from the needs of their large equine practice (surgical, internal medicine, race track, ambulatory and general practice) to be flexible, configurable and adaptable for every aspect of equine veterinary practice. After nearly seven years in the market, the companion animal software program was initiated, now called Signature Software, that provides specialty referral practices and teaching hospitals highly configurable software tailored to the unique workflows of each hospital and department.

Today, HVMS and Signature Software are found in many top veterinary practices throughout the world. Thousands of veterinarians and their animal care teams utilize the software to enhance patient care and enhance profitablity.

Business Infusions is a privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.