Why Business Infusions

Digital Workflow of Equine Medical Records Is Growing

The flow of data between different software systems is a growing expectation of equine veterinarians, trainers and regulators .  Double entry of data can be inaccurate and inefficient.   Business Infusions software tools have many software integrations that enable efficient flow in data, including HISA, IDEXX, Anthech, Vetcove, Parasight, TekCollect, TalkingVet, Global Vet Link, Abaxis, Heska and others. Our mission is to connect as many disparate systems as possible that make economic sense. 

Equine Veterinarians

The business of equine medicine has shifted dramatically in the past few years with regards to corporatization, veterinarian staff shortages and mental health issues of veterinarians and their team members.  Like every industry, veterinary practice is changing but the he constant in everyday practice is the exceptional care of the horse by the equine veterinarian and their staff.  With decades experience  in equine software development and implementation, the mission of Business Infusions is to enable equine vets to focus on medical records and care of the horse.  Our software tools enable medical records, billing at time of service, inventory management, accounts receivable, client communications and mobile solutions for every equine veterinarian, from the solo practitioner to the large, complicated, multi-location equine practice.   

Equine Racing Regulators

Many regulatory authorities require use of software for race entry requirements, vaccination tracking and medical records generated by veterinarians.  Equine MediRecord (EMR) is a leader in equine regulatory software and requirements gathering. EMR is utilized by many of the leading regulators around the world and has a reputation is being highly knowledgeable about regulatory requirements, horsemanship and transportation of horses.  

Equine Trainers

The transition to electronic medical records is happening.  The transition is not easy and many trainers have been using the ‘paper’ system for their entire careers.  Equine MediRecord (EMR) was designed with these trainers in mind.  The EMR software is very easy to use, has a simple interface that follows the flow of recording pertinent information and flows through to many regulators which eliminates the need for double entry.

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