For Solo Equine Veterinarians

Cassadol equine software was designed and built specifically for the solo equine veterinarian with a focus on medical records and invoicing.  With close to two decades in equine software development, we understand that many software programs are not designed for the solo vet and their specific requirements, at a price point that is workable.  Cassadol is a cloud-based software system available 24/7, on your schedule.  Whether you are a race track practitioner, sport horse vet or have a more general practice base, Cassadol can work for you.  If you have challenges with intermittent cellular or Wi-Fi coverage or practice in an area with no internet service, Cassasol still works in ‘off-line’ mode and you have full access to medical records and billing information seamlessly.  Whether you operate independently or with a technician or office admin, Cassadol can handle all your requirements at an affordable price.

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