2021: A New Year for Adopting New Ideas, Opportunities & Collaborations

Well, the end of 2020 is finally here!  It may feel like crossing the finish line of a marathon you never meant to run, but here we are!

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Podcast Episode #5: Unique practice models: could I do that?

In the final episode of this five part limited series podcast, Dr Karen Jackman shares insight on how Pioneer Equine Hospital has been successful in considering important personal values and creating a family friendly and family inclusive practice.

Podcast Episode #4: Hiring and retaining top equine veterinary talent

In the fourth episode of this five part limited series podcast, Ivana Novosel shares her insight on how equine veterinary practices can hire and retain top veterinary talent.

Reimagining our lives: how to use the challenges presented to move your practice forward

In many ways, the pandemic and 2020 has been an absolute nightmare.  However, I take heart that there are some really amazing things to come from it, and we can and will find ways to innovate to move our profession forward.  I’m talking about ways to capitalize

Podcast Episode #3: How To Do More of What You Love and Less of What You Don’t

Do you do enough of what you really love in your practice?  (Be honest, who does?). Join Dr. Olivia James for our podcast on doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

What’s on your “I should get to that” list?

When I hear about organization practices that will allow me to feel calmer, have more time, and magically evaporate all my stress, more often than not, it ends up on my “I should get to that” list despite my best intentions. Anyone else?

Podcast Episode #2: Dream Big, Maximize Revenue and Plan Your Exit Strategy

Listen in as Sean Jones, discusses innovative tips to help equine veterinarian practices maximize their business revenue, get big picture goals in line and plan their exit strategy.

Podcast Episode #1: Getting the Most Out of Life as an Equine Practice Owner

This week, we had our kick off podcast with 4 incredible panelists for the HVMS podcast series “The Better Equine Practice”.

The HVMS Podcast is Coming Soon!

A Limited Series Podcast HOSTED BY MELANIE BARHAM, DVM Presented by Business Infusions and HVMS Veterinary Practice Management Software COMING SOON!

Introducing Abaxis FUSE & HVMS Integration

A new connection between your in-house laboratory analyzers and Practice Management Software.

EVet Partners With Show Management System

Creating Connections for Even Better Health The HVMS/eVet Marketplace Partnership provides even more benefits to your practice AND your clients with Show Management System™

HVMS Remote Access Tips

Access to Main HVMS Remotely or from Home If you are in a situation where your HVMS Server is located at your veterinary practice but you or some of your staff need access to Main HVMS remotely from home or another location, here is some helpful information

Introducing the Parasight/HVMS Integration for faster digital fecal results sent instantly to HVMS

Parasight System is the push-button fecal egg count system for veterinary clinics. Patented technology delivers in-house digital results of parasite eggs with quantitative EPG results for strongyles and ascarids in 2.5 minutes. Say goodbye to counting and microscopes and hello to faster, more accurate digital fecal results